General informations about Croatia


• 56,542 square kilometers, with an additional 31,067 square kilometers of territorial waters.
• Population: 4.290.000
• The majority of the population are Croats. The ethnic minorities include Serbs, Hungarians, Czechs, Italians and others.
• Capital city: Zagreb (792.875)
• Length of coast: 5,835 km – including 4,058 km of island, islet and reef coastline.
• Number of islands, islets and reefs: 1,185 among which 67 islands are inhabited. The largest islands are Krk, Cres, Brač and Hvar.
• Official language and alphabet: Croatian language and Latin alphabet.

Many Croatian people, especially the younger generation, speak English. German and Italian are also very popular. The people working in the tourist industry in Zagreb can speak English quite well.


Two climate zones can be distinguished in Croatia; temperate continental climate in the interior and pleasant Mediterranean climate along the Adriatic coast.
The average inland temperature:
August 19 – 23°C
January 0 – 2°C
The average seaside temperature:
August 21 – 27 °C
January 6 – 11°C

Current weather:  BBC weather


Water temperature:

The Adriatic Sea has a very marked annual change in surface temperature. The average annual temperature is 11°C. During the winter, the sea is the coldest and the surface temperature is about 7°C. In the summer the surface of the sea reaches a very high temperature, of up to 22 to 25°C, and in the southern Adriatic and Istria up to 27°C.


Time difference

Croatia is in same time zone like majority of Europe resulting in time difference of +1 hour comparing to UK.



Euro and Croatian Kuna HRK
Kuna (1 kuna = 100 lipa).

Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, currency exchange offices, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, marinas, in shopping centres.

ATM that accept MasterCard, Visa and Maestro can be found on busy streets, in shopping centres, at banks, main transport terminals and even in some hotels. Visa, MasterCard and DinersClub are accepted in all hotels, most shops and bigger restaurants. American Express is accepted only in bigger hotels and restaurants, not very frequently in shops. In smaller shops and restaurants better have some cash with you, just in case.


Exchange rate: (see for daily exchange rates)


Public Transport
Tickets for the public transport are sold in the public transport vehicles and in tobaccos. The following ticket options are available:

one ride ticket (for trams and buses) for 1,30 Eur / 1,20 GBP.
24 hours ticket for 3,50 Eur / 3,20 GBP.



Best way of getting a taxi is by calling it. When you catch the taxi together with your guide, an overcharging can not happen. The prices are same the whole year, it does not matter if it’s day or night:

when you get on the taxi – meter is on 1,20 Eur / 1,10 GBP.
every other kilometer is 0,70 Eur / 0,60 GBP.



The international telephone code for Croatia is 00385.
The phone contact to the medical emergency is 112.



No Visa are required for travellers from European Union (also the United Kingdom and Ireland), USA, Canada, Switzerland. Visa is required from the citizens of the United Arab Emirates.


Public Holidays – NO WORK DAYS


1st January – New Year’s Day
6th January – Epiphany
6th April – Easter
1st May – Labour Day / May Day
7th June – Corpus Christi
22nd June – Anti – Fascist Resistance Day
25th June – Croatian National Day
5th August – Victory Day and National Thanksgiving Day
15 August – Saint Mary’s Day
8th October – Independence Day
1st November – All Saint’s Day
25th December – Christmas Day
26th December – St. Stephen’s Day



British Embassy
Ivana Lučića 4, 10000 Zagreb
Phone: + 385 1 600 9100

Irish Consulate
Turinina ulica 3, 10010 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 667 4455

Embassy of the United States of America
2 Thomas Jefferson Street, 10010 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 661 2200